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Demo: Movie A

Demo: Movie B

What are the differences between Movie A and Movie B?

Movie A is a kind of simpler one. It is composed of only one 3D model inside. The background is black. For examle: when you have a series of lights composed of 10W, 30W, 50W and 100W, you need to select one of them( often best-seller), the 3D file of that wattage will be choosen for making all the movements. For the else ones, pictures will be put together at the end of the movie. In Movie A, it is blackground without 3D scenes. The overall time will last 60s.

Movie B is more complex. The main difference is that a 3D scence will be included in the movie. It allows more 3D models appear in the video. The overall time will last 90s.

Demo: Company Publicity
In courtesy of Zhongyi Lighting. 

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